it's proof you are in the Matrix, and it will take you about an hour to verify that.
legitimate proof.  care, it makes you immortal.
it's obvious.  it's amazing.  it's good for everyone.  you're idiots if you don't seize this chance.
If you're intersted, you can download a total (figshare) of everything I've written here (newer), it might be a good idea--since there's absolutely no evidence of the "key to Salvation" appearing anywhere else ... on Ear ...
... here's Pope Francis on "disturbed" and silence ... and "me" on Mario, Wario, and Luigi Joe.
speaking of our it should take about an Hour to statistically prove there's a "SIGNAL" rather than "NOIZE" throughout ... language and religion. An hour of your time ... to stop terrorism (and infernal blind stupidity).
To be as "not stupid" as possible, the more people you send this to, and the faster you do it--the faster "artificial stupid" will fade away.  There's really not many other plausible explanations for how this absolutely moronic and self defeating "darkness" could possibly be--and you'll see that, very soon.
guess what?  Try these words:
"No more silence, no more terrorism."
Really get the point here is to literally end world hunger, cure all disease, and end murder ... building Heaven ... by disclosing the biggest secret that's ever been, a/k/a "the original lie."  This is the only way to continue... period.  Mars is not really a game, it's a horror show until this is done, and that should be obv AF. 
IMOHIO, this is an instant Nobel prize, and it should take about 3 seconds (alright maybe a week) to statistically prove through anachronism and "SIGNAL" that this is in fact a message coming directly from "The Matrix" (and MInority Report).  Find someone that can do this, please, ASAP--every day, every day we wait is another day of "Jacksonville."

ring.  ring.  ring.
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